The Not-So-Obvious Vegas Elopement

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They say what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas… right? Well, this isn’t always the case, especially if you’re planning to elope in the desert oasis. Sin City may sound like a place you wouldn’t want to get married in, but this city is bustling with life and excitement and can offer couples a gorgeous backdrop to say “I do”! Eloping anywhere sounds a little more simple than it looks, especially if you want it to be a day to remember! Just because you’re eloping doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice what you truly want, it is your wedding day after all! Read on to hear our top tips when it comes to planning the best Vegas elopement yet.

General Tips For Eloping

Firstly, congratulations on deciding to elope! Not only is eloping cheaper than a traditional wedding but it can also be more eco-friendly as it is a much more laid-back and casual occasion. When couples make the decision to elope, they are opting for an intimate setting between just the bride and the groom to tie the knot! So what do you need to elope?  Keep reading for the basic details you’ll need to have to elope. 

The Guide To Eloping

Eloping is a simple option that requires much less planning and financial investment for all parties involved! A few items you’ll need to consider when planning your elopement include: 

  • Figuring out the budget you will need
  • Planning a date you want to tie the knot
  • Finding the location you want to elope
  • Will you be inviting any guests? 

The fun part about eloping is that it can be done almost anywhere! Vegas is a popular option for couples looking to elope and offers a number of great venues!

planning an elopement in las vegas

Eloping in Vegas: What to Do

When it comes to eloping in Vegas the first thing you need to do is nail down the location. One great perk about Vegas is the wide variety of venues this city offers for couples that are looking for a grand venue, a scenic backdrop, or a standard chapel (with the addition of Elvis). Some of the most popular venues in Vegas to say I do include: 

  • The Graceland Wedding Chapel
  • Cafe Lola
  • Terraza Di Sogno at The Bellagio
  • Eiffel Tower Viewing Deck at Paris Las Vegas
  • The Cosmopolitan
  • Mandalay Bay

The truth is Sin City has options for any kind of couple and budget! The next step in planning your Vegas elopement includes picking a day and time! Costing a wedding can be very tricky. It depends on a number of variables including location , vendors, food, parking and fees, etc. 

How to Make Your Day Extra Special

It is your special day! Whether you’re looking to elope with just you and your partner or in the company of a few special friends there are a few things you can do to make the day extra memorable. This could include finding a special or romantic place to celebrate after you tie the knot such as Hugo’s Cellar at Four Queens or the Top of the World at Stratosphere. 

Maybe you’re looking for a special place to take some pictures that really capture the love between you and your partner. Vegas has a number of breathtaking picturesque options for couples like, Red Rock Canyon Natural Conservation Area, Springs Preserve, or Ethel M Botanical Cactus Garden. 

Las Vegas Honeymoon planning

Honeymooning in Vegas

Vegas is a unique place where couples can tie the knot and take an extravagant honeymoon hours later! Whether you’re looking for a classy and high end option to enjoy your newly married life or an exciting and thrilling start to your new adventure, Vegas has it all! 

  • Get a couples massage and relax at the hotel spa 
  • Go out dancing at one of the many nightclubs on the Vegas Strip
  • Rent a lime and take a ride down the Strip
  • Head off to one of the many Vegas casinos for a night on the town
  • Take a helicopter ride to Grand Canyon with champagne toast

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