Colorado Wedding Planner (How to Find the Best One)

Intentional Wedding Planning for Your Best Day Ever

A Colorado wedding planner who combines great experiences, thoughtful customer service, and attention to detail? Welcome to Syd Boss Events and Adventures. We help you shine on your special day by taking care of all the details for your Colorado wedding. All you need to worry about is soaking up every special memory, while we coordinate with your vendors and ensure a smooth (and amazing) day. 

Our Colorado Wedding Planner Philosophy 

It’s all about YOU. Bottom line. 

We believe in intentional wedding planning and flawless events. This doesn’t mean that sometimes things happen, but when they do, because you’ve hired a mindful Colorado wedding planner, you won’t even know that something was “off” because we will work on fixing problems before they begin. With a background in the service industry, multiple certifications in wedding planning, and years of experience with weddings, elopements, travel and adventures… we have you covered. 

Plus, our wedding packages cover everything! Yes, that’s right. Your venue, food, party gifts (if requested in your package), hair & makeup, photography, live entertainment (if your package level includes this), florals and more. Read about our wedding packages and reach out for more info here. 

How Can We Help You Plan Your Colorado Wedding?

What’s your dream? We want to create that for you. Whether it’s boho-chic, cannabis infused, whimsical, adventurous, you name it, we can do it. We have a vast network of suppliers to make every wedding dream come true. Plus, we work with you to make sure we get the details right and catch the vibe that you’re seeking. 

Things to consider when hiring a Colorado wedding planner:

  • Have they planned similar events? 
  • Do they have certification in planning?
  • Can they “go the extra mile” if needed?
  • Do they listen (well)?
  • How do you feel after having a consultation with them? 
  • What are their emergency plans (should something come up)?

All of these and more, are concerns that we address in our initial consultation (feel free to book one below). We are confident that we can create a positive memory of your wedding and tailor the experience to your liking… because again, it’s all about you and your special day. 

What We Do: The Important Stuff

How does it work when you hire a Colorado wedding planner? Let us dive in! Firstly, we will meet with you (this can also be done remotely and contact-less if desired) to discuss your priorities. Is it the cake that means the most? The flowers? Do you want a custom balloon display? Do we need to figure out special accommodations for elderly or disabled family members or friends? Does a pup need to be included? Do we want food trucks, a buffet, a picnic, a plated dinner? These are all important things to think about. 

There are so many wedding day considerations, and living in Colorado, we have heard them all! With so many options for venues as well, we can help you decide where to have your wedding and discuss transportation options as well as pros and cons of various places (for example weather considerations at altitude, etc.). 

After we design your dream wedding, we can discuss your budget and any modifications needed to stay within it. We realize that budget is important, and part of our services are designed to help you stay on track in that arena too. 

Finally, we will deliver on-site service, including all your food & beverage options, coordination with vendors, photography (yes, that’s included!), make-up and hair, and more.

Let’s Design Your Day!

We are nothing like your standard wedding planners. We have that vibe that “gets it” and helps you create the magical day you’ve dreamed about. Modern, relaxed, peaceful, intentional, mindful, creative, and kind – that’s usually how our wedding planning clients describe us. We can’t wait to meet you.