Colorado Cannabis Wedding Planner (Hi! I’m Syd.)

colorado cannabis wedding planner

Being a cannabis wedding planner is a newer concept that has sparked a lot of attention. From cannabis centric bars to cannabis friendly venues, incorporating cannabis into events both big and small has become more and more possible. 

Does that include your wedding? It sure does! While this used to be a controversial topic, incorporating cannabis into your daily life, events, and milestones has become a whole lot easier. 

How It Works 

You can incorporate cannabis into an event in a number of creative and fun ways for both you and your guests! Depending on the experience you are looking for, you can tailor your event to your needs. This may look like having cannabis options available for guests to smoke, eat, or sip. From cannabis inspired cocktails to cannabis enhanced dishes, incorporating this herb into your event is a must!

Cannabis Friendly Event Planners

Planning an event or a wedding is a big undertaking. From pre-planning to execution, the help of an expert is often necessary. However, why hire an expert that doesn’t meet all your needs? By hiring a cannabis friendly event planner, you can enjoy sharing a common love for herb that will allow you both to plan stress free! Not only this, but if they share a similar taste this can be a huge help when it comes to securing local vendors, venues, and more!

How To Find The Right Fit

If incorporating cannabis into your event is top of the list, you must find a vendor that can meet your needs and help you celebrate cannabis in the right way! By working with an expert you can identify what venues are cannabis friendly and begin planning from there. 

canna friendly weddings colorado 420 syd boss

There are many things to be taken into consideration when looking to have a cannabis friendly event. Do you want a full service cannabis bar for guests to enjoy? Are you looking to hire professional rollers to take the experience to the next level for your guests? By brainstorming what exact elements of cannabis you would like to incorporate into this special day, you can work hand in hand with your cannabis planning expert to bring these ideas (and the party) to life! 

Syd Boss  (Sydney Bosshart) Cannabis Wedding Planner Extraordinaire

Enter Syd Boss Events & Adventures. As a Colorado native, avid enthusiast, and cannabis aficionado Syd is the girl that can make it all happen! Our focus is to bring your dreams to life in whatever means necessary. At Syd Boss Events & Adventures we are used to making the impossible, possible, and no ask no matter how untraditional is ever questioned! From elopments to events, Syd has had her fair share in planning, executing, and bringing to life magical events (even those with cannabis). If you are looking to plan a cannabis centric event, or even just looking for an expert to help you plan ways to incorporate herb into your big day drop us a line! At Syd Boss Events & Adventures we believe in celebrating life, love, and cannabis, we look forward to hearing from you!