Hi, I’m Syd, Your Independent Travel Agent.

A travel agent can help you get into vacation-mode before your trip even starts. Get into relax mode and let us make all the phone calls and research for you.

Let the adventures begin!

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Romance Travel

Destination Weddings, Exotic Elopements, Vow Renewals, Honeymoons, Babymoons. From All-Inclusive beachfront hotels to private villas I’m here to make your dreams come to life!

Adventures & More

While I specialize in romance, I can help you plan any adventure that sets your heart on fire. Plus, Bachelor and Bachelorette Trips, All Inclusive Vacation Packages, Guided Tours, and Group Getaways.

Destinations I Specialize In

Hawaii, Las Vegas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Costa Rica

Favorite Destinations I’ve Traveled To

Paris, France. Venice, Italy. Barcelona, Spain. Sydney, Australia, Nicoya Peninsula, Costa Rica. Kauai, Hawaii

At Syd Boss Events & Adventures. We Value Education.

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Meet Your Travel Agent | Syd Boss Events & Adventures

Why hire a travel agent? Because nowadays, everything is run over by Insta tourists, the web has so much click bait, and honestly, we all have too much screen time on our hands every day anyway. Let us do it for you. (To get you inspired, read about our favorite Hawaii honeymoon considerations here.)

A travel agent can take away the angst of wondering if you got the best price and if you picked the best spot. It’s YOUR time. Let’s plan together so you maximize your adventure and make it the best trip ever. Learn more about our travel agency and how it all began right here.