4 Tips to Begin Planning Your Dream Wedding Minus the Stress and Overwhelm

planning your dream wedding minus the overwhelm

Congratulations! As you embark on planning your wedding, oftentimes stress and overwhelm can creep in. 

It can be a challenge to juggle everything that is on your plate, especially without a plan or hiring a wedding planner to keep you on track. 

You’ve done everything you know to do; you downloaded a planning guide, you joined Facebook Groups, you’re following the wedding planning websites, but inevitably, you find yourself still awake at 2 am in the never ending Pinterest spiral.  

Well, that’s not going to get you the solution you’re looking for!  So, here are four tips to simplify planning your wedding and even enjoy the process! 

Get on the same page with your partner about the big day. 

Getting engaged is the first step in a lifetime of making WE decisions and OUR plans. You want to come together and present a united front to the world as a team moving forward. Sit down to discuss all your wedding dreams. Big party with everyone you love vs an intimate gathering of a select crew? Traditional ceremony, dinner and reception vs a non traditional occasion?  Maybe a getaway in an exotic destination seems exciting or maybe you’re more of a hometown comfort kind of couple.  From the things you’ve thought of since childhood to things that are meaningful to the two of you and your relationship now. You’ll want to know that this celebration is a representation of both of you and the life you’re building together. 

After you’ve discussed the big ideas… get clear on your specific wedding vision

Once you’ve come together on the overall vision for how you want to celebrate it’s time to get into the details of how you want the celebration to look and feel. Discuss your desired aesthetic style and how it pertains to your wedding. Elegant, romantic, chic, whimsical, rustic, boho, etc are all common terms in wedding design but they can mean different things to everyone so connecting visual representations to your ideas will help everyone be clear. Pinterest is a love-hate in my world but it is the best place to START for inspo. 

If you’ve been looking online for wedding inspiration, then you know that the choices are endless. Your Pinterest board may be a hodge-podge of different looks, colors, and themes, making it difficult to decide what you really want. Without having clarity on your vision for your wedding day, you will never have a direction to head in and could find yourself endlessly researching and never actually putting things in place. 

Some people are clear on the vibe they are going for, but if you’re like me, everything looks pretty and everything is nice, so your pin board looks like you’re throwing paint at a canvas! I like it all! Now what? At some point you have to reign it in and cull down your inspiration to a cohesive vibe. Well, start by looking to see if you at least have a color or hue, like pastels or jewel tones that are showing up most in your saved inspirations, and get rid of everything that doesn’t match that. Then, look to see if you have a style or look that tends to have more saves like a whimsical or boho theme and get rid of pins and images that don’t align with similar energy. As you do this, you’ll narrow down your vision. 

This will then allow you to be clearer on what you are searching for. So, instead of googling something generic like “wedding décor ideas” you’ll search for “whimsical wedding décor ideas” and thus avoid overwhelm by too many different options.  

If you’re looking for a little more personal guidance on nailing down your vision check out wedding coaching by my wonderful cousin Caitlin Bosshart! She’s in the coaching field and after we planned her very nontraditional wedding celebration together several years back she started offering this unique service to couples looking to really embrace their alternative and nontraditional wedding ideas. Find out more at https://caitlinbosshart.com/wedding-coaching/

Quiet the voices

Let’s be real. Everyone’s going to have an opinion about something. One reason why it is difficult to make a decision is because there are too many voices throwing out random opinions. Decide who will be a voice in your wedding planning and stick with only those voices. Ultimately the only voices that should matter are the couples but I recommend keeping it at one or two “outside” voices of people you trust to weigh in on decision making. 

Decide on your non-negotiables

The challenge in planning a dream wedding day is also weighing every option against the “will this fit in the budget?” question. At this point in life, like me, you’ve realized that money in fact does not grow on trees. 

As you scroll on Pinterest and Instagram, getting inundated with images of perfection and then falling to your knees when you find out the cost to pull that off, you once again feel like you’re running into a brick wall. The easiest way to avoid spiraling into a depression is to sit down and write a list of everything you want. Then, take the items from that list that are “non-negotiables” and put them in a separate column and the items that are “wants, but you could live without” in another column. You and your fiancé should have your own list and then collaborate to create a new list.

Let’s say that you both decide that photography is where you are willing to splurge more. This would be a non-negotiable item that you would then allot more of the budget to, and essentially you are saying that you are willing to let go of other things in order to have the best photographer. Make sense? This simple strategy will help you get clarity on what matters most to you and stay on budget and avoid disappointment. 

If having a seasoned planner to help you along the way is something that you’d be interested in, reach out today for your complimentary consultation so we can chat about how I can support you in making your wedding magical.